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The 25th annual Goomeri Pumpkin Festival spectacular is back: Orange is the new black!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What started as a little country festival to liven spirits has put this small county town on the map...and as ‘Goomerians’, we’re delighted to welcome the event for another year.

Goomeri pumpkin festival 2021

In its 25th year of concession, the Annual Goomeri Pumpkin Festival has returned for 2021. A full day of pumpkin family fun is right around the corner. This fantastic day is held on the last Sunday in May each year; this year falling on the 30th. Seemingly overnight our quiet little town seems to burst to life welcoming locals from the region and travellers from all around the country.

Sadly, as with most events last year, organisers needed to put the event on hold due to COVID but with the news we’re #GOODTOGO the word around town is we are in for the best ever crowd.

For those of you interested to learn a little more about our brightly coloured Pumpkin Festival history, here’s a little background on how this get-together grew to be one of the greatest events in the Gympie Regions social calendar.


Family fun, Goomeri pumpkin festival 2021

The first festival came about in 1997 after spirits in the township were low. Local business and farmers at the time were heavily affected by extreme water shortages and a persistent drought. In order to revive the community and boost the local economy, the town agreed that a festival would do so and in return the Pumpkin Festival came about. Although many doubted the idea, (especially the pumpkin roll down Policeman’s Hill!), it was a huge success resulting in masses returning each and every year. To this day the festival continues to be a raging hit, with organisers expecting crowds over 15,000 on the day. Furthermore, its success has led it to being a well known and loved event all around Australia. So much so that it gained recognition at Queensland’s regional achievement and community awards through winning the category for events and tourism in 2014.


There are some great prizes to be won on the day and none that necessarily require sporting or artistic prowess- just a spirit of fun... so join in on the many pumpkin themed competitions that there are to offer:

  • Pumpkin roll competition

  • Pumpkin shot put

  • Pumpkin bowls

  • Decorated pumpkin

  • Whip cracking

  • Giant pumpkin competition

  • Pumpkin Patch Snatch

  • Pumpkin quilt challenge

Events and Entertainment

If competing in the festival isn’t your thing, there is plenty more to offer with a full day of activities, events and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy:

Car parade Goomeri pumpkin festival 2021
  • 25th Gala Event, "Grazing in Goomeri" - A bush dinner under the stars

  • Car parade

  • Market stalls

  • Horsemanship displays

  • Food stalls

  • Vintage car show

  • Live music

  • Street parade

  • Cooking demonstrations

  • Wine tasting

Getting to the festival

If this jam-packed day seems right up your ally (and why wouldn’t it be) there is free parking available at the railway yards right next to the motel or all-day festival parking available at the school’s oval grounds for $2. If you’re travelling a little further to get here, there are a few ways to arrive at the destination. Being a part of the Gympie region, the journey to Goomeri is extraordinarily scenic. So, taking your time and perhaps a weekend away to explore the area is highly recommended.

Goomeri pumpkin festival 2021 South burnett region

If a day trip is more your style, the most direct route from Brisbane is to drive north on the D’Aguilar Highway reaching the festivities in approximately 2.5 hours.

Where to stay?

Turning the weekend into a trip away to Goomeri with the family? Well, there are a few options for you:


Make a booking to camp near the sporting grounds next to the festival. Bring your caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or tent and take a short walk to the event.

Goomeri motel

Goomeri motel weekend away

If camping is not your style and you would like a little more luxury on your stay, the Goomeri Motel is just the place for you. It’s conveniently located only a stone’s throw away from the festivities which offers a friendly service whilst being value for money. Wake up to a country style breakfast after the big event and be refreshed after a stay on their comfortable beds before exploring what the Gympie region has to offer.

This free event is definitely not one to miss. So, get in the pumpkin spirit and join in on all the smashing fun!

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